Pink Pegasus 1g Live Resin (85.73%THC) – Raw Garden


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fresh-frozen flowers are used in the extraction process for maximum raw content extraction (aka high terps) for this Live Resin. The benefit of the high terpene content to match the pure THC crystals is the “entourage effect” created when synergistic molecules work in harmony. This is an added benefit not previously seen with each individual by itself.

If your dream is to change into a pink horse with wings, Pink Pegasus is the strain for you! Although you may not experience any physical transformation get ready to ride this potent Hybrids high into the clouds. Bred from three powerhouse strains, Mendo PunchChem HazeSour Stomper, the results are intensely flavorful with an alluring sweet and sour fumy aroma. Effects are uplifting yet balanced with a euphoric dreaminess.