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Silverstreak Weekly Deals 4/16-4/18.

--All (Pre-Order Only) products 40%OFF

--* 1/8ths BOGO 50%OFF -Nickel & Dime, Eighth Brother, Kings Garden, Grizzly Peak, Seven Leaves & FloraCal

--Emerald F.F 1/2oz’s=$59

--Cannatrust 1-Oz=$109

--Shake, 1/4oz’s=$7

--Flavor- extracts 5g for $85

--Hush, 1g Vape BOGO 50%OFF or 7g for $155.

--Good News 100mg Gummies $5

--Club Soda x Blanka - 1g sugar $20

--Moon & Original Pot Co. 100mg edibles 5 for $40

--Papa’s Herb, .5g Vape BOGO 50%OFF or 6 (3g) for $80

--Day Dreamers 10mg chocolates 5 for $10



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New Vendors

Cannabis brands people love live at Silverstreak.

At Silverstreak, our customers trust our judgment when it comes to curating a menu of high quality cannabis products. If you think you have a cannabis product or brand you think we should know about, send us a message through the form below. While we are unable to respond to all inquiries, if we’re interested in scheduling a meeting, we’ll reach out.


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