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Silverstreak Weekly Deals 4/16-4/18.

--All (Pre-Order Only) products 40%OFF

--* 1/8ths BOGO 50%OFF -Nickel & Dime, Eighth Brother, Kings Garden, Grizzly Peak, Seven Leaves & FloraCal

--Emerald F.F 1/2oz’s=$59

--Cannatrust 1-Oz=$109

--Shake, 1/4oz’s=$7

--Flavor- extracts 5g for $85

--Hush, 1g Vape BOGO 50%OFF or 7g for $155.

--Good News 100mg Gummies $5

--Club Soda x Blanka - 1g sugar $20

--Moon & Original Pot Co. 100mg edibles 5 for $40

--Papa’s Herb, .5g Vape BOGO 50%OFF or 6 (3g) for $80

--Day Dreamers 10mg chocolates 5 for $10



Accepting pre-orders until 10:00pm everyday! (916) 741-7339


Join a fun team of cannabis lovers.

The Silverstreak team is made up of hard working, fun loving people with a passion for cannabis. If you think you’ve got what it takes to work with Silverstreak, reach out to us through the form below. While, we are not able to respond to all inquiries, if we are interested in scheduling an interview with you, we’ll reach out.


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