Silverstreak Deals 8/2-8/5

-All (Pre-Order Only Flower) BOGO 90%OFF!!!

-Sessions Glue 1/8th=$12 or 1/4oz=$20

-$15 1/8ths- (OG-Smalls & Fire OG)

-Old School OG or Ice Cream Cake 1/4oz=$25

-Elyon 1/8ths BOGO 50%OFF

-Indoor 1/8th BOGO 25%OFF

-Emerald F.F 1/2oz’s=$49

-Cali Gas 1/2oz=$55

-High Supply 1/2oz’s=$69 or 1oz=$130

-OG Kush 1oz=$99

-Cookies or Gushers 1oz=$115

-Blitz .5g Vape BOGO 50%OFF

-Hush & Americanna 1G Vape 4 for $110

-Sugar/Crumble & Shatter 4g for $75

-All Fuzzie Infused Pre-Rolls BOGO 25%OFF


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Currently experiencing issues placing orders by SMS. Please call 916-741-7339 to place your order or order online. (916) 741-7339

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